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About Us

Mohamed Hagahmed, MD and Owen Traynor, MD are two emergency medicine physicians who work in Pittsburgh, PA. Both are former paramedics—Owen from NYC EMS, and Mohamed from Pittsburgh EMS.Bopth are heavily involved with EMS agencies in the Pittsburgh area and with EMS education. They are employed by the UPMC Health System, St Clair Health System, the University of Pittsburgh and The Center for Emergency Medicine of Western PA.

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EMS Practice Mission

At EMS Practice, we are committed to creating an educational site to support the men and women of EMS in  their endeavor to provide the highest level of out-of-hospital care.  Our programs are intended to empower students to tackle challenges and take on experiences that may be new to them, while keeping learning fun and dynamic.

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Our philosophy is simple - to embrace and provide for educational support of all EMS clinicians. We respect the individual needs of all our EMS colleagues and believe that with the right educational opportunities, everyone can succeed. 

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